Julianne Hough Video: "Is That So Wrong" Really That Bad? And Where to Watch

Should Julianne Hough's "Is That So Wrong" be banned?

Is the Julianne Hough video “Is That So Wrong” really that racy? I just watched it and I have to say no. Want to watch it, too?

Now, I wouldn’t want my preschoolers watching it or any young children. Though, honestly, they might not pay much attention to it, anyway. In the video, Julianne Hough is dancing around her bedroom in her bra and a pair of short shorts, after taking off her shirt.

The video cannot be found on CMT or youtube right now, though CMT says that the video hasn’t been banned.

This isn’t the first time there has been a video of a girl rolling around with little clothes on in a video on CMT. Think of Faith Hill’s “Breathe.” But, perhaps that one is okay because she is covered in a sheet the whole time and the tone of the song is more soft and romantic, rather than the fast-paced more aggressive tone to “Is That So Bad?”

Once you hear that a video is banned, does it make you want to watch it more? Apparently, it’s on youclubvideo and the site can’t handle all the traffic. But, if you are curious, you can watch the video here.

What do you think? Should it be banned?

Photo: PRPhotos

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