Julianne Hough Video: Julianne Goes From Saint To Siren?

jilanne hough video julianne hough is that so wrong
Julianne Hough Video: From Saint to Siren?

The new Julianne Hough video, Julianne Hough “Is That So Wrong” definitely has a lot of people talking…and has CMT refusing to air her new music video. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can view the Julianne Hough “Is That So Wrong” video from youclubvideo here.

Juilanne Hough is the epitome of a good girl, and has even insisted that she is “saving herself for marriage.” Has Julianne gone from saint to siren with her new music video?

Julianne Hough’s video proves that she is stepping out of her comfort zone, and realizing that sexy definitely sells. Does her new relationship with Ryan Seacrest have anything to do with her coming out of her shell?

What do you think? Is Julianne Hough still the eternal “good girl”, or has she tarnished her squeaky clean image with her “Is That So Wrong” music video?

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