Julianne Moore Says Tabloids Are Dangerous


Liv Helen Freundlich, Julianne MooreFor most of her career, Julianne Moore hasn’t been among the darlings of the tabloid media. However, now that her super cute daughter Liv, 7, has reached school age — things are starting to change for the Chloe star.

According to Julianne’s recent interview with Blackbook, the photographers outside her daughter’s school don’t bother her so much, it’s society’s demand for tabloid entertainment that Julianne sometimes resents.

Talking about the photographers at Liv’s schools, Julianne says “Not often is it a real intrusion… But it’s a pain.” One time, however, on the way to school, Julianne says she did lose it a little:

” [Liv] fell down and I had to pick her up. I was holding her, and all the while this guy kept taking pictures. That’s when I said, Come on, that’s enough!”

I think most parents could understand how infuriating that could be. Apparently, not only does Julianne dislike the attention, but she thinks the obsession with celebrities is a distraction that prevents people with connecting with the real people. Says Moore:

“Sometimes I see other moms reading tabloids and I always tell them how dangerous they are for young people. Don’t waste your time investing in the story of some pretty blonde who just got extensions and broke up with her boyfriend. Spend that time thinking about your own girlfriend who just got extensions and broke up with you. Keep it in your own life.”

Source/Photo: INF Daily

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