Julianne Moore's Kids Don't Care About Her Career


Their mom is an A-list movie star, but according to Julianne Moore, her kids couldn’t care less.

The actress and mother of Caleb, 12, and Liv, 8, have shown no interest whatsoever in her career, according to ShowbizSpy.

I can’t say I’m totally surprised by that. I mean she isn’t Will Smiht. She doesn’t defend the earth or have supernatural powers and as far as I can recall, the type of smart-ass quips that pre-teens swoon over don’t make it into a lot of her films. (The Hours? Nope. I’m Not There? Nope. Chloe? Really, really, no.)
They’re not even interested in the children’s book series she wrote,  Freckleface Strawberry.

“My book is never requested at home,” Moore said. “They’re very disinterested in what I do for a living.”

Well, I have to say, that probably means she’s doing something right. Coupled with the fact that she keeps them pretty well hidden from the public view, it seems Moore and her husband are doing a good job insulating them from some of not-quite-family-friendly aspects of Hollywood.


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