Julie Andrews and Her Very Fairy Princess


Dame Julie Andrews has had a long an illustrious career but she continues to keep herself busy, busy, busy. Not only has she been doing press for her upcoming film animated film Despicable Me (which opens July 9th), she also has been hitting the promotional circuit to chat about her newest children’s book The Very Fairy Princess. Julie Andrews penned her newest picture book with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton. The mother daughter duo have collaborated on over twenty children’s books together and appeared on Good Morning America to chat about their Very Fairy Princess…

The Very Fairy Princess, which was released in mid May, has been on the best seller’s list for six weeks. The two had previously worked together on the Dumpy series as well as many others, so what led them to do this very girly book? Their publisher asked if they had a book in mind for girls and as Julie said “princess books are all the rage.” The book was also inspired by Julie’s granddaughter Hope and her spirit and joie de vivre. The message of the book – as Emma said – is that they “really wanted to say to little girls was to be who you are in the inside and share that with the world….we wanted to girls to feel that they don’t have to be what everyone tells them to be, they can be what they dream of. Or what they imagine they want to be.”

And when asked what it’s like to work together as mom and daughter Julie said that, “It’s a joy, for this mum, it’s a real joy. We now face each other as two equal women. We really are very compatible, we didn’t think we would be at first, we’re both pretty bossy ladies and we thought we might clash but we don’t.” They also said they spend a lot of the time laughing and finishing each other’s sentences.

Currently, the two are working on a sequel to the Very Fairy Princess as well as a book of children’s poetry. And Julie’s new film Despicable Me debuts this week where she goes very much against type by playing a villainous mother. Check out our interview with Julie Andrews this Friday right here on Babble where she talks about playing a villainess, children’s literature and when her grandson discovered she was Mary Poppins.

You can check out the GMA interview here.

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