Julie Bowen Is Going Crazy With 3 Under 3


julie-bowen-and-her-son-oliverFinally someone is saying what they think. Julie Bowen is being very honest about parenthood. She said that Raising three kids under 2 1/2 is a nightmare.

I find that funny.

She told US magazine that her life is, “nothing but tiny little penises and poop all day long. And not in a good way. I always come across sounding like I hate my children. I actually love them very much.”

She also told the magazine about her mommy must-have items. “Piles of cloth to wipe up the massive amounts of vomit and fluids that are constantly coming through my house.”

“Otherwise, my favorite mommy must-have is an excuse to get out of the house.”

“My job. Get out! My doctor told me, ‘Only give 70 percent. You’ll hate them if you give 100 percent of yourself.’ I took that advice to heart. I run to my job. I love my job.”

I love that she was so honest. I swear I am so tired of all these Hollywood moms saying life is perfect, all the while they have a nanny doing the day-to-day stuff.

A real answer from a celeb, I love it.


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