Julie Bowen: Watch Julie Bowen Call Her Son Fat On Conan (Video)

Julie Bowen
Watch Julie Bowen On Conan

Julie Bowen was on Conan last night, and she gave us some insight into her hectic life with her twins…and even called one of them fat…in a very loving and sweet way, of course! Watch the video clip below of Julie Bowen calling her son fat on Conan.

Julie Bowen’s twins are now 18 months old, and it certainly sounds like they are a handful!

She lovingly referred to her twins as “the fat cute one” and “the smart one” and told Conan a story of how “the smart one” put the “fat cute one” into the dryer. Conan then joked that she needs to learn her kids names!

Julie Bowen was light, and down to earth, and sounds like a normal mom…just like the rest of us!

Watch Julie Bowen on Conan in the video clip below.

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