Julien Hug's Girlfriend Speaks Out

julien hug
Julie Hug

Former Bachelorette contestant Julien Hug’s body was found near a highway in Southern California on Wednesday, stunning his family and friends. Today, his girlfriend spoke to about the man she called misunderstood.

Jennifer Bell told the website that Julien was a “free spirit…a pure man–nothing but pure goodness.” The distraught Bell went on to say that; “We were the light of each other’s life. Everyone, I mean everyone loved this man. We lived together in San Diego, in a beautiful condo,” she said.

“This is beyond painful. We’ve been together for two amazing years.

“He was so misunderstood in many ways. People wanted him to be this Bachelorette star. That TV show was not even one percent of who he was.

“The whole TV stuff he did…that was a small part of him….he went on that show to travel and explore adventure.”

“I had two of the best years of my life with him. They have been nothing but pure happiness to me. Julien was my life and I’m so devastated. I’m hurting and can’t believe it. I never took Julien for granted. We never argued. He was my best friend.”

She went on to say that “Julien taught me how to live life. That’s how I want to everyone to remember him. He was my life.”

Such a shame to hear that Julien Hug took his own life. Our condolences go out to his family and his friends.

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