Juliette Lewis Outs Brad Pitt: "We'd Smoke Lots Of Pot"


brad-pitt-berlinWe’ve heard plenty of rumors that Brad Pitt has had some substance abuse issues off and on, but in a recent interview with Black Book, Juliette Lewis totally outed Brad Pitt over his former pot head ways.

Talking about her relationship with Brad Pitt in the early 90’s, Juliette had this to say:

“We were both struggling actors and Brad blew up after we were together, when Legends of the Fall came out. We both had our turning points—there were six months between the release of Thelma & Louise and Cape Fear—but for half of our relationship, we were just unknown young actors in L.A. I even remember his little bungalow that we lived in off Melrose that we’d smoke lots of pot in. Then we split and he became Brad Pitt, and I became whoever I am now.”

I wonder if Angelina Jolie likes to read about Brad’s relationships with past girlfriends. Especially when all the gossip about their relationship is no bueno. In fact, the latest rumor is that Brad has been leaning on the booze in these tough times, not his old friend Mary Jane.

Now that his kids are getting to the internet surfing age (Maddox just turned 8 yesterday), Brad’s probably going to want to keep a lid on some of this info. He’s probably thinking ‘thanks a ton, Juliette.’