Just Go With It Reviews: Worth Seeing?


just go with itJust Go With It reviews: is the Adam Sandler movie worth seeing? Adam Sandler is known for his comedy, but it doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Jennifer Aniston also stars.

 Should we go see Just Go With it? Read the critics’ Just Go With It reviews:

USAToday: “Ultimately, it’s a mainstream romantic comedy, so you’ll know the characters’ next moves a half-hour before they do. And there’s not a loose end that isn’t as neatly tied as a Christmas bow. But sometimes there’s nothing wrong with just going with a sweet-natured date flick.”

The NY Times: “All in all, the hit-to-miss ratio of “Just Go With It” is not so terrible. Which is not to say the movie is anything special.”

Variety: “Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production team has rarely put much stock in the rules of classical storytelling, but its newest project, ‘Just Go With It,’ manages to misfire in two seemingly incompatible directions. A puerile kiddie-comedy without the anarchic energy, and a schmaltzy romantic comedy without the sweetness, this Hawaii-set farce is too frantic and too lackadaisical a take on the oft-adapted French play ‘Cactus Flower.'”

Box Office Magazine: “The positives have an edge over the negatives, but it probably doesn’t matter either way. It is an Adam Sandler movie. It is a romantic comedy opening Valentine’s Day weekend. It is going to be huge.”