Just Who is Maddox Jolie-Pitt Calling? Is 10 Too Young for a Cell Phone? (Photos)

Is 10 too young for a cell?

Despite their various heritages and passports stamped more times than their mom has tats, the Jolie-Pitt clan appear to be as American as apple pie.

First there was dad Brad acknowledging he gases them up with Coke. Then there was the Pitt Stop at McDonalds and now, Maddox is spotted yakking away on what appears to be his very own cell phone.

As Famecrawler first showed you, Maddox and little sisters Shiloh and Zahara were spotted waling their dog in New Orleans today. While his sisters chatted with each other, 10-year-old Maddox whipped out his cell phone and appeared to be yukking it up with someone on the other end. Just who is Maddox talking to? Mom? Dad? Who else is left?

A cell phone for a kid is a double-edged sword, isn’t it? On the one hand, it’s a tracking device of sorts. Mom and dad can always reach a kid with a cell phone, right? On the other hand, it’s a huge distraction for a kid. Depending on the phone, I guess. But even your most basic of cell phones allow for texting. I suppose you could always get your kid a phone designed strictly for incoming or outgoing calls. No games, no apps, no texting…

What are your thoughts? What age is too young for a cell phone? When did you or do you plan on getting your kid a cell? Is not having a phone old-fashioned? Is a cell phone a requirement for every human being nowdays?

Check out Maddox yakking away on his cell in the photos below:

  • The Jolie-Pitt Kids Go For A Walk 1 of 5
    The Jolie-Pitt Kids Go For A Walk
    Maddox walks the family dog in New Orleans with his two little sisters while yakking on his cell phone.
  • He’s Grown Up So Much! 2 of 5
    He's Grown Up So Much!
    Angelina's first son gives the paparazzi a weary look.
  • Maddox Flashes a Grin 3 of 5
    Maddox Flashes a Grin
    Smiling for a minute while with his nanny.
  • Maddox Takes A Call 4 of 5
    Maddox Takes A Call
    And then... Maddox either places or takes a call on a cell phone he was apparently carrying.
  • Who Is He Talking To? 5 of 5
    Who Is He Talking To?
    Just how many people does a 10-year-old need to talk to? There's always the possibility the nanny handed him the phone so he could speak with a parent or something... What do you think?