Justin Bieber and Drake Lose out to Esperanza Spalding: Fair???

Esperanza Spalding
Esperanza Spalding

The Grammys Sunday night were great.  But there were a few major upsets in the awards.

Eminem didn’t win Best Album of the year, losing out to Canadian rock band Arcade Fire.  This was a shocking upset.

Another upset: Justin Bieber and Drake losing out to Esperanza Spalding.

The 26-year-old jazz bassist who snatched the Best New Artist Grammy out of the hands of Justin Bieber and Drake, has been making headlines in the jazz world since before her 2006 debut solo album.

Did you read that?  2006!  It’s 2011!  What makes her a “best new artist”???

Justin Bieber has been all over the place!  Perhaps the Grammy voting members didn’t feel he should win a Grammy so early in his career the 16-year-old needs to work a little harder and longer before winning that honor?

But the category is “best new artist”, not “best new performer”… and many would argue that although Bieber is a cutie patootie, he’s a better performer than an artist.

Drake would have been a better choice then, no?  No disrespect to Spalding but she’s been around for almost five years – that hardly counts as NEW!

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