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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Dating: Why Is Team Bieber So Upset?

By ToniFitz76 |

justin bieber and selena gomez dating justin bieber and selena gomez team bieber

Team Bieber is praying that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not dating

By now we all know that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating, but what’s still unclear is why #TeamBieber, as they are known on Twitter, is so distressed about the 16-year-old singer getting involved with the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star. Do they think Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are wrong for each other? Do they worry Gomez will break his heart? Or are they just mad Justin isn’t dating THEM?

The answer seems to be a little bit of all three! Many fans are tweeting their hopes, under the #teambieber hashtag this morning, that Selena will be kind to their favorite singer. Since Justin Bieber news of any sort gets inflamed on the internet, they may also be confused by Bieber and Gomez repeatedly refusing to confirm they are dating.

Why do you think fans are so distressed about this union? Do you think Justin and Selena will last?


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0 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Dating: Why Is Team Bieber So Upset?

  1. Courtney says:

    I think that they are cute together :)

  2. imani says:

    fuk selena me and my friends and cuzins used to like her but fuk her and justin bieber im takeing down all my posters there fuking retarted >:/

  3. Hmm says:

    STFU Imani..

  4. Faye says:


  5. ILUVSELENA says:

    FuCK Justin bieber!!!!!!!! Fuck him and his fucking Canadian white ass!!!

  6. Private says:

    they’re not going out; i know both of them personally.
    please do not spread unnecessary rumors about them, they would like to keep their personal life private, please.

  7. alondra says:

    i think selena and justin bieber should broke she fuckin nasty

  8. Janet says:

    I think they make the cutest couple!!!! All these bieber fans need to stop hating!!!!!!! Get real bieber don’t even know yal exist like yal got a chance with him!!!!!! Selena is real pretty!!!

  9. AliceLPunk says:

    PRIVATE: ok so u know them. they’re not dating. ok

  10. ashley says:

    Im Team bieber… and i think that selena and him make a cute couple.. thez crazy bieber fans realy need to get off selena.. poor girl shes getting death threts :( … shes such a sweet girl i think she wont brake his heart… if anything its probanly gonna be the other way around lol.. but no his a nice guy to..

  11. HannaMiller says:

    Okay. You guys are freaking out for no reason. Everyone deserves a shot at love so you should just give them a chance to be together. They have every right to be a couple. Everyone that is talking about how they hate Justin and Selena now, and are making rude comments about them should just stop and leave them be. They are both the exact same people as they were before, they’re just dating eachother. They aren’t any different then they were before all of this. Just leave them be. You don’t need to hate them just because they’re dating. They’re a cute couple. And I’m almost absolutely sure that they don’t want to lose their fans for just going out with eachother. They love their fans and you should still love them too. Congrats Justin and Selena. You guys are great together! :)

  12. Kay ~ Kay says:

    It’s very upsetting that he wouldn’t tell his fans!!!! I like that they’re dating BUT he could of told us!!! Its obvious that we were going to find out…Its just sad I had to find out on the radio!!!!:( you can be honest Bieber….Im stilll ur BIGGEST Belieber

  13. jasmine says:


  14. DINA says:

    Eww dat nasty because selena gomez say that justin bieber is her little bro and they kissin each other… eww her is too o0ld for heimm ..bye

  15. Brandi jackson says:

    ok i think if justin and selena want to date then they should but the only think is that shes 18 and hes 16 so she better not do anything besides kissing him cause that would rape!! im a huge justin fan i love justin to death but im happy with what ever choice justin makes i mean he she be happy to so team bieber we need to just be happy with what ever justin chooes to do its good were protective but we dont want to upset justin …. plus we cant keep sending death threats to every girl that justin likes its not far to him. team bieber we should always knows know that no matter what justin does or who he decides to date justin will still always love us to no matter what an we love him to so let be positive with justin in his choice.We team bieber love u Justin Bieber<<333 and if ur a true fan to justin u would be ok with his choices and u wouldnt hate justin just because hes dating girls soo dont be selfish its not right ! justin and selena have a right to be together

  16. Brandi jackson says:

    justin i still love u no matter what and im happy with whatever u choose soo dont feel bad Im with u forever i love u justin ur the best ever

  17. Brandi jackson says:

    ok u people left soo really rude comments about justin thats stupid not real fans fakes i love u justin

  18. Raquel Harris says:


  19. waffles says:

    O.M.G!! selena gomes and justin bieber should break up i like her but not him.

  20. shakeira loves bieber says:

    ok this is how i see it they really need to let bieber live his life because hes ganna date who he wanna date and nobody can stop i really like that they are dating because i really like selena & justin

  21. shakeira loves bieber says:

    okay i get that some girls are gettin mad but bieber just need to live his life
    if u were a real bieber fan u would let him date who he wants to date

  22. Soniya says:


    ewww selena & justin is grossss cuz 1. selena is older then him by 2 yrs
    2. justin is shorter than her (5 ft 4 i think he is). 3. selena is technically an adult which justin is kid

  23. Bubba says:

    The photo was a pub stunt by Bieber’s crew, they fessed up. The kid’s gay as shit and they tried to change his immage. Get over it, not like any of you little girls had a shot anyway. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Might be different if you were a little boy.

  24. Alexis says:

    i like them both:) especially Justin :D he’s so gorgeous! :) and haters…if you don’t like him then how did you find this page in the first place :P

  25. justinswife says:


  26. VaLeRiE says:

    justin you are the more hot the boys of the world i will merry with you
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I like yours songs somebody to lo,love me,pray,u smile,baby,one time and never say never


  27. sdfrfy says:

    trust me selena is not the one

  28. sponsored says:

    i think justinn should go with his heart aint no retards need to tell him what to be doing with his life!.
    I still love u justin and selena u to make a purfect couple:)
    and yeah all u bieber haters out there how did u find this page if u hate him so much dont be looking for him on internet its just so stupid

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