Justin Bieber Arrested in Liverpool? Riots Brewing?

justin bieber
Will Justin Bieber be Arrested in London?

Justin Bieber is currently trapped in a hotel in Liverpool, and he can’t leave because a riot is brewing outside among fans with a major case of Bieber Fever!

Because of the situation, police have even threatened to arrest Justin Bieber because of the possibility of a major riot. Fans in England must be even more Bieber crazy than U.S. fans, because less than a week ago, Justin got trapped inside a coffee shop with a bunch of screaming fans outside.

Justin is cooperating with police, but is not amused about the situation. He tweeted the following update, “I can’teven say hi to my fans outside because of the police. Some bull.”

Hopefully they can get the fans under control so Biebs can leave the building!

Photo: PRPhotos