Justin Bieber Copies Robert Pattinson's Haircut? (Photo)

justin bieber haircut
Justin Bieber Copying Robert Pattinson's Haircut?

Is Justin Bieber giving up his signature mop and trying copying Breaking Dawn hunk Robert Pattinson’s haircut? Check out this photo of Justin Bieber from a recent photo shoot for Rolling Stone. His hair in the picture definitely looks familiar.

By the looks of it, Justin Bieber was trying to imitate the man in the photo with him, Ryan Good, who is his “swagger coach.” But both of their coifs look very similar to Robert Pattinson’s signature Edward Cullen “do” in the shot.

Was Justin Bieber just goofing around at this photo shoot, or is he contemplating a more grown up look for girlfriend, Selena Gomez?

Will Justin Bieber be the same if he ditches the haircut he’s become known for?

Photo: Pacific Coast News