Justin Bieber Dances with Jimmy Fallon in Justin Bieber Reflections Sketch (Video)

jimmy fallon justin bieber reflections video
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber!

Too funny! Watch as Justin Bieber dances with Jimmy Fallon in Fallon’s “Justin Bieber Reflections” sketch video. In the sketch, Jimmy Fallon dresses as Bieber and talks about a variety of topics, with little cutaways that show the Biebs dancing.

In this installment, Justin Bieber makes a cameo to dance with Jimmy Fallon… who is dressed as Justin Bieber. Two Biebers?!

In the video clip, Bieber (Fallon, in this case) talks about “Never Say Never” and the possibilities for anyone – including making out with Selena Gomez!

But the main reflection here is human cloning, with Fallon Bieber presenting the science behind it all – including the possibility of a Justin Bieber clone… Double Biebs!

Justin Bieber and Fallon as Bieber are adorable dancing around together, aren’t they?

Also: watch Bieber get a haircut… bald… on Jimmy Kimmel Live!