Justin Bieber Doll at Toys R Us November 7: 100 Justin Bieber Dolls!

justin bieber doll toys r us 100 available
100 Justin Bieber dolls available at Toys R Us November 7

The Justin Bieber doll is at Toys R Us this morning, November 7 but hurry! Only 100 Justin Bieber dolls are available at each Toys R Us on Sunday.

Are you planning to get the Justin Bieber doll for your little Bieber fan? If you ‘re not lining up for the Toys R Us limited offer today, don’t despair.

The Justin Bieber dolls will be available in larger quantities in December you’ll be able to get the Bieber doll at Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

There are three versions of the Justin Bieber doll – a basic doll that sells for $17.99 and two singing versions expected to sell for $27.99.

Did you get a Justin Bieber doll at Toys R Us?


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