Justin Bieber Flipping Off Paparazzi: Here's What REALLY Happened!

justin bieber flipping off paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off Paparazzi?

Did you hear about Justin Bieber flipping off paparazzi while exiting a restaurant with girlfriend, Selena Gomez? If you heard about Justin Bieber giving the paparazzi the middle finger, then you’ve also probably heard about Selena Gomez getting punched in the face. What really happened between the couple and the photographers?

First of all, Selena Gomez was not punched in the face. That rumor started after she put her hands in front of her face/mouth to block out the lights from the cameras. Photos seemed to reveal something on her lip that looks like a cold sore, and Bieber’s Twitter fans started telling people she’d been hit.

Justin Bieber definitely was flipping off the paparazzi, but it was probably just a combination of sheer annoyance and trying to be chivalrous for Selena Gomez.

Biebs has since apologized to fans for giving photographers the bird.