Justin Bieber Grammy Awards Promo Video: "I Love You Mom"

justin bieber grammy awards 2011 promo video
Watch Justin Bieber, 2011 Grammy Awards (Video)

Watch Justin Bieber in this Grammy Awards 2011 promo video, where he sings “Fast Car” and we see a little more footage from his childhood.

The cutest thing ever? Justin Bieber gives a shout out to his mom “I love you mom” awwww.

“What’s up, everybody? I’m Justin Bieber, and I’m very excited to be at the Grammys. I’ve dreamed about this since I was young,” Bieber says. (Incidentally, that wasn’t so long ago!)

Bieber explains, “The first song I ever performed was ‘3 A.M.’ by Matchbox Twenty, and I was in a singing competition. My musical inspirations vary. It’s like Michael Jackson, Prince, Ozzy Osbourne, also Usher.”

But the sweetest thing of all is his mommy love: “The person most responsible for my success is my mother, ’cause she gave up everything for me. I love you, Mom. This definitely means the world to me, win or lose. I’m just excited to be nominated.”

Tune in on February 13 to watch Justin Bieber perform at the Grammys.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s “Music is Life is Music” promo video for the Grammys?