Justin Bieber Hair Cut at Golden Globes: Selena Gomez Request? (Video)

justin bieber hair cut haircut golden globes 2011 selena gomez
Did Justin Bieber get his hair cut for Selena Gomez?

Did you see Justin Bieber’s hair cut at the Golden Globe Awards 2011? Watch the video clip below to see Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle a little bit shorter, a little less of that forward falling thing.

Of course, the Selena Gomez / Justin Bieber connection has to be called into question, as fans wonder if the new Bieber haircut was at Gomez’s request.

While there’s no confirmation of whether Justin Bieber’s girlfriend had anything to do with the hairstyle, we can still talk about the change do you like Bieber’s new ‘do or did you like his old style better?

More Justin Bieber pics of his new hairstyle at the Golden Globes (including before and after side by side). Cute!

Watch Justin Bieber’s Golden Globe Awards red carpet interview with E! (video):