Justin Bieber Hair on eBay: How Much Would You Pay for A Lock of His Hair?


Would you like to get a piece of that dishy Justin Beiber? No, no, not an arm or a leg but rather a lock of his hair? If so, here is your chance to possess a piece of the superstar.

Justin Bieber gave a lock of his hair to various high profile places and people so that they could in turn raise money to give to charity. One of the recipients was Ellen Degeneres. She has since put the hair that Bieber gave her up on eBay with proceeds going to Gentle Barn Foundation. The hair is enclosed in a plexiglass box and has been signed by Justin. It also includes a letter of Authenticity that has been signed by Ellen.

The bidding started at just $10, but it didn’t stay that way for long. So how much is this piece of Bieber Fever up to now?

Right now there are about 60 bids and  it’s up to $6900. But there are five days left so who knows what it’ll end up at!

How much would you pay for a piece of Justin Bieber’s hair?

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