Justin Bieber Haircut Frenzy, Has Bieber Fever Gone Too Far?


justin bieber haircut frenzy

Justin Bieber’s new haircut has caused a media frenzy, taking “Bieber Fever” to a whole new level!  But is the media (and fan) obsession too much?  Has the hysteria over Justin Bieber finally reached a point of total insanity?

As a mom with two teen daughters, I believe Bieber Fever has reached a point of Bieber Epidemic and I’m starting to get worried about the teen pop star.

Seriously, I think the fans and the media need to remember that Justin Bieber is just a KID!  He’s a professional entertainer and a very talented artist who wanted to be in spotlight.  But when a teen haircut is the biggest story on the news, it’s time to step back. Maybe Biebs can talk to Robert Pattinson about how he handles being in the spotlight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Justin Bieber debuted his new ‘do on the set of Rascal Flatt’s new video, and the pictures were released on TMZ. The celebrity website even joked about the mania over the Bieber haircut!  Read TMZ’s article and see the NEW HAIRCUT pics on Bieber’s Haircut — Altering the Course of Humanity.

What do you think of the latest wave of Bieber Fever?  Talk to me!