Justin Bieber is Not Mariah Yeater's Baby Daddy. Shocker.

bieber baby
Justin Bieber is not a daddy!

It looks like Justin Bieber can go back to being the biggest pop star in showbiz and quit worrying about having to change diapers anytime soon.

A woman named Mariah Yeater insisted that Justin Bieber was her baby daddy, and that she had become pregnant with her son after having an intimate encounter with Justin after a concert last October. Mariah pulled out all the stops to try and convince the public that Justin Bieber was the child’s father, but she must have realized that her 15-minutes of fame are up.

Last week, Mariah Yeater officially dropped the paternity suit that she had filed against Bieber, and apparently her lawyers have backed off the case as well.

Reasons as to why she decided to quit arguing that Bieber was her baby daddy have not been disclosed, but chances are she realized that her so called “credible evidence” would not hold up in court. She and her lawyers were hoping that they would be able to gain a settlement from Justin without having to set foot in a courtroom.

We will report new details if they are released, however, odds are good that we’ve heard the last of Mariah Yeater!

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