Justin Bieber Middle Finger: Selena Gomez Punched For Real?

justin bieber middle finger
Justin Bieber Gives Papparazzi Middle Finger

Justin Bieber gave the middle finger to the paparazzi tonight after flipping them the bird while dining with girlfriend Selena Gomez for his birthday 2011. Justin Bieber may be the hottest ticket in America right now…but he’s also got a bit of a temper when it comes to his girl!

After rumors surfaced about Selena Gomez getting punched by a Justin Bieber fan, we can’t help but wonder if Justin Bieber gave photographers the middle finger while trying to protect her from more harm.

Selena Gomez’s camp denies that she was punched, but she is sporting a fat lip for whatever reason.

I think it’s kind of chivalrous that Justin Bieber gave the paparazzi the finger. He’s protecting his lady love…sounds like his mama raised him right!

Photo: PRPhotos