Justin Bieber 'Never Say Never' New Trailer [Video]


We have a new clip from Justin Bieber’s upcoming flick, Never Say Never! Justin Bieber fans will be whipped into a Bieber Fever when the 16-year-old singing sensation’s upcoming movie, Never Say Never hits theatres on February 14th, which just happens to be Valentine’s Day.

Bieber fans are very dedicated, which at times can be intense for the rest of us. MTV Crush says that Bieber fans “dedication goes a little too far (death threats = very bad), but it’s not a stretch to say the Boy Wonder wouldn’t be dominating the music world (or the world in general) if it weren’t for his mostly well-behaved army of acolytes.”

Never Say Never is going to be a real event, with zillions of teen and tween girls mobbing the movie! Justin’s manager Scooter Braun says his job is easy because working Bieber brings joy to so many fans.

Scooter Braun says “Me and the guy from Extreme Home Makeover have the best jobs in the world. It’s actually the most gratifying thing about the job. Little things go a very long way. You get paid to just make other people happy.”

If you need a fix for your Bieber Fever, check out the website for Never Say Never and watch the NEW clip from the movie below!

Photo: NeverSayNever