Justin Bieber New Movie Poster for 'Never Say Never'


never say neverJustin Bieber’s movie, Never Say Never hits theaters February 11th but do you hear that sound?  It’s the sound of zillions of screaming tweens all over the world, squealing with joy because of the new Justin Bieber movie poster!

Coming to a tween room near you, is the new poster for Never Say Never. The teen superstar is standing in the middle of a road, with one foot placed in his hometown  of Stratford, Canada while the other foot is firmly planted in the New York City skyline.  Justin’s hair, in case you were wondering, looks great.  The poster tagline reads, “Find Out What’s Possible If You Never Give Up.”

Never Say Never is a back-stage pass for fans to see how this small town boy went from Stratford tween to international superstar.  The film follows Justin’s tour as well as his daily life. Never Say Never will include a glimpse into Bieber’s family life and his education.

In other words, Never Say Never is a tween DREAM.

Photo: NeverSayNever