Justin Bieber The Daily Show: Justin Bieber, Jon Stewart Switch Bodies (Video)

justin bieber jon stewart the daily show video
Watch Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Check out Justin Bieber in this The Daily Show video, where Bieber and Jon Stewart switch bodies!

Justin Bieber is seen at The Daily Show desk in a suit and tie, opening the show and announcing the guest as Jon Stewart… then Stewart appears in a Bieber purple hoodie, carrying the skull they need to both touch to get back into their regular bodies.

It’s a total Freaky Friday switcheroo vibe, but it’s really funny.

Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart switch back, but not before Stewart in Bieber form has one last stroke of that magical hair. “The hair, it’s so magical, so pure!”

Bieber leaves his mark behind on Jon Stewart’s body though a new hashtag tattoo right above his butt that reads “#neversaynever.”

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Intro – Justin Bieber and Jon Switch Bodies
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