Justin Bieber Says He Is Going to Heaven! What is His Plan?


Justin Bieber

We all know by the posting of his tour schedule that Justin Bieber will be going to London, France, Germany. But did you know he will also be going to heaven? At least that in his plans, someday. But he’s only 16 so he has a long time before he adds heaven to his itenary. In Justin Bieber’s now infamous Rolling Stone interview where he talks about such topic as abortion, he also discusses his spiritual leanings.

He is open about his beliefs and his Christian faith but he isn’t getting all preacher like on his pre-teen fans. “I’m not going to tell them, ‘You need Jesus,'” he said. “But I will say at the end of my show ‘God loves you.'”

He’s also pretty confident that he is on the road to heaven. “It says in the Bible that you go to heaven as long as you have God in your heart and ask for forgiveness for your sins,” he told Rolling Stone in a sincere and sweet way.

Do you think Justin Bieber will start bringing more religion to the table now that he is talking about it more often?

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