Justin Bieber Shaved Head 2011: Bald Gag Sets Teens A-Twitter! (Video)

justin bieber shaved head 2011
Justin Bieber Shaved Head 2011

Justin Bieber’s shaved head  has teens aghast with the thought that their fair haired teen crush has lost his gorgeous locks.   Fear not young teens it was all a gag thanks to the folks at the Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

That moment of panic that you felt was similar to the one that your grandmother may have felt back in the day when the Beattles finally decided to shed their iconic bowl cuts.  While Justin Bieber has kept his flowing head of hair for now, there will come a day when he decides to shed the boyish cut and goes with a grown up cut.  On that day we can expect to hear millions of teen girls shriek in agony.

On a side note – Bieber sure looks like a girl with his shaved head!

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live