Justin Bieber To Guest Star On Glee? Will Selena Gomez Join Him?

justin bieber selena gomez
Justin Bieber To Appear On Glee? Selena Gomez Too?

Justin Bieber is all the rage these days, and now he is supposedly in talks to guest star on an episode of Glee. Supposedly Justin Bieber wants to appear on the Fox hit show, but only if a certain lady joins him. They haven’t confirmed it, but it’s fairly obvious that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating.Will girlfriend Selena Gomez appear on Glee with Justin Bieber?

Actually, rumor has it that Justin Bieber will only agree to do a Glee episode if Cheryl Cole guest stars with him. Justin supposedly told The Sun, a newspaper in Great Britain that, “It must be in agreement that Cheryl Cole gets a part in the show as well. Cheryl and the show make total sense. It’s all about people who look good and can sing and dance – that’s totally Cheryl.”

Cheryl Cole? Doesn’t Selena Gomez sing and dance too? Does it seem weird that Justin Bieber would want to be on Glee with someone other than his girlfriend?

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