Justin Bieber Totally Pranks His Guitarist Dan Kanter! What Did He Do?


Oh, those 17-year-old, they love an good old fashioned prank. And one certain 17-year-old seems especially keen on pulling them lately, the one and only Justin Bieber.  While in Dublin Justin pulled a fast one on his guitarist Dan Kanter, sending a scare into the hearts of those who not just love Justin Bieber but love his band too. What did he do?

The Justin Bieber experience is currently in Ireland and it looks like young Justin got his hands on Dan’s phone. He sent out a Tweet to all Dan’s 200,000+ followers that read :”hey guys just wanted to inform all of the fans first that I have resigned from working with justin and I will be deleting my twitter soon.”

But before Justin could cause more havoc, he got his phone back  adding about an hour later,”Got pranked by JB. Guess I should cancel those auditions for @davematthewsbnd @phish @metallica and @bobdylan.. and get #REVENGE .

Even Dan Kanter’s wife Yael got into the mix writing “when u get ur phone back from @justinbieber, call me.” I hope she told him to put a passcode on his phone!

Photo: Twitter

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