Justin Bieber Will Be On CSI Again: Did He Take Acting Classes? (Video)

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Justin Bieber will be on CSI again

The Biebs is going to be on CSI again.  Are you Biebettes listening???

Justin Bieber’s acting debut was on the season premiere of CBS’s CSI: Season 11 which premiered back on September 23rd and he’s coming back for more.

He’s coming back as a troubled teen, Jason McCann, who knows more than he’s letting on about a serial bomber.  In the new episode next month, he’ll be in “imminent danger” according to Nick (George Eads) who tracks him down to warn him.

The episode will air on Feburary 17th and is titled “Targets of Obsession”, and will tie up loose ends that were left hanging after the season premiere. 

When did the Biebs start acting anyway? And why? He’s already building his brand like other pop stars… what will come next, a clothing line? Cologne?

For you Bieber fans, Justin can do no wrong. But for harsher critics, will Justin do better the second time around? Hopefully he has taken some acting classes since his debut.   He had an acting coach on set, and he had tweeted that he was “learning a new craft”.  But acting is serious business!  It takes a lot of training to be a good actor.

We’ll have to see how well he does in February!  Here’s a clip of his debut.

Photo: Pacific Coast News