Justin Timberlake Feeling The Pressure To Have Babies!


justin jessica

Singer Justin Timberlake has been dating actress Jessica Biel for about two years, and the SexyBack crooner is feeling pressure to make babies!  However, it’s not his girlfriend who is desperate… it’s JT’s mom!

Justin’s mom, Lynn Harless, is anxious for her son to make babies with Jessica.  She wants a grandbaby!

A source revealed, “Lynn’s tired of waiting for Justin to make her a grandmother and think it’s time for him to propose to Jess and start a family.”

Isn’t that always the way with moms?  They want to become grandmothers as soon as possible?  Well, not all moms – there’s no way I want grandbabies yet… someday, but not right now!  I can’t picture my 20 something sons being dads just yet.

Justin and Jessica will get around to it when they’re darn good and ready, I’m sure.  Mom will have to be patient!


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