Justin Timberlake Hoax Victim: Not True! Listen to Justin Timberlake "Take You Down"

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Justin Timberlake latest hoax rumor victim

Is Justin Timberlake dead? No, Justin Timberlake’s death hoax is just the latest celebrity rumor spreading online, but be assured it’s not true.

News that Justin Timberlake died started earlier today, following behind the Adam Sandler, Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy death hoax rumors that spread earlier this week.

Further confusing the Justin Timberlake death hoax are reports that Timberlake “died” in the digital death campaign that a number of celebrities participated in earlier this month to raise money in the fight against AIDS.

In the midst of the rumors that Justin Timberlake died, his new song “Take You Down” was leaked online.

Of course, now people are saying that Justin Timberlake’s “Take You Down” is also a hoax and it’s not really JT’s voice on the track.

Justin Timberlake was most recently heard in the family movie “Yogi Bear,” as Boo Boo!

What do you make of the “Justin Timberlake dies” hoax?

Take You Down by Culture Pop