Justin Timberlake Is Moving On With Mila Kunis?

justin timberlake, mila kunis
Justin Timberlake Moving On With Mila Kunis?

Now that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have officially called it quits, Timberlake is spending little time finding his replacement suitor in Friends With Benefits costar Mila Kunis.

An insider claims that the two costars have been very flirty since shooting their upcoming film and now that Timberlake is single, he may pursue the potential relationship.

“Justin is very interested in Mila,” a source close to Kunis tells E! Online. “They’ve been flirting, but so far nothing has happened.”

Maybe Timberlake is waiting for the dust to settle from his previous relationship. No one wants to be known as the other woman.

They’d definitely make a cute couple. How do you feel about Justin and Mila?