JWoww Has No Love For Michael Vick


Something tells me that JWoww is going to be one fiercely protective mama! But that’s a quality that we’ve already seen in her, as she also comes across as a very protective friend and confidant too, right? Well, the future celebrity mama-to-be shared a new photo a dog getting a mouthful of a Michael Vick chew toy that she plans on getting her own dog, Viesel.

Oh yes, when JWoww has a message, she puts it out there loud and clear! It’s pretty clear that the dog-loving reality television star is no fan of Michael Vick, who was once convicted for illegal interstate dog fighting almost six years ago.

I guess this is also a good message for any future boyfriend who wants to date JWoww’s daughter. Girlfriend won’t be messing around when it comes to protected her kids! LOL. Gotta love a fierce Mama Bear, right? And that is absolutely why we love JWoww!

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 8.32.47 AM

Photos via Instagram

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