JWoww: Is She Becoming Just As Rich As Snooki?


JWoww is fast becoming one of the most recognizable post-Jersey Shore roommates to be banking on her extended 15 minutes of fame. The reality television star and celebrity mama-to-be is following in her good friend Snooki’s footsteps by basically hawking every kind of product with her name to her fans who can’t get enough of the sassy star!

Talk about cha-ching!

From her own tanning lotions, to tattoo color protection and so much more, it seems like JWoww is still profiting from her Jersey Shore popularity as she is not slowing down. In fact, it seems as if JWoww and Snooki are the only two former Jersey Shore stars who have managed to stay in the spotlight while their former roommates have been left behind in the tunnel of obscurity (BTW, does anyone know what The Situation or DJ Pauly D are still doing these days??).

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You have to hand it to both ladies for using their friendship and their genuine, likable personalities to manage their staying powers as two of the most bankable stars from the Garden State. And now that JWoww is also pregnant, I’m sure that we are going to be seeing some lucrative baby and post-baby body endorsement deals, too. And quite honestly, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her, too!

Tell us Babble readers, have you bought any products with Snooki or JWoww’s names on it? Do you think these two ladies have what it takes to become mainstream celebrities with so many reality television stars who come and go?

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