K-Fed Considers A Career In Swimsuit Modeling


k-fed-victoria-sean-jaydenIt’s every woman’s dream come true, the paps caught K-Fed showing off his soft and rolling physique in his swimming trunks yesterday with his girlfriend Victoria Prince. His weight-loss program for that reality show is obviously going great.

Last we heard, VH1 had sicked a superstar trainer on K-Fed to help him shed 45lbs before the filming started. Even with a detailed diet plan, it looks like K-Fed is still having trouble losing that “daddy weight.”

There was a rumor that Britney was going to ban Sean Preston and Jayden James from appearing on the show. Now, it appears that Britney’s boy will be a part of the show.

I’m still having some trouble believing that VH1 is actually going into production on a reality show about K-Fed and his girlfriend. Would people really tune in?

There was some news about a pilot being filmed, but since then news about the show kinda fell off. Maybe it was a terrifying as I imaged.