K-Fed Finally Agrees To Lose Weight, For Money


k-fed-fat-200x3001As much as it pains me to say it, looks like K-Fed has finally found someone that’s willing to pay him to get his extremely large and lazy self in shape. The washed-up dancer with a “daddy bump” has officially inked a deal to appear on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club.

After a year of extremely unhealthy eating habits, fat jokes, and at least one scheme to hook Britney into a reality show (in which she would be his personal trainer), K-Fed has officially taken the first step to recovery… which, for him, is cashing a desperately needed paycheck.

Way to go, K-Fed. That’s a great example to set for your kids.

It’s always annoying when lazy celebrities actually get rewarded for their stupidity, but unfortunately that is what seems to have happened here.

Ironically, K-Fed will be on the show with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson (who recently made fun of K-Fed’s “daddy bump“), Bobby Brown, and Nicole Eggert.