K-Fed Gets A Bill From The Tax Man



The IRS has reportedly slapped K-Fed’s disastrous company Gooseneck Productions, Inc. with a lien for $14,371 in back taxes. Fortunately, it will only take K-Fed 3 weeks of babysitting his own sons in Europe to pay off the tax man.

Gooseneck Productions was responsible for releasing K-Fed’s infamous rap album “Playing With Fire.” I totally couldn’t resist including this video of him getting all excited about the ablums single “Popo Zao.” It is truly hilarious.

That album pretty much ruined the company, which I’m sure K-Fed wishes would just disappear, along with all of the tax debt. Gooseneck reportedly spent a total of $841,129 on the album, promotions, and related strip-clubbing — only to make $544,075. Gulp.

Nobody ever said that K-Fed was a good (or even competent) financial planner, but you’d think he could pay this debt off pretty quick with the $20K in nanny pay + spousal support he gets every month from Britney.