K-Fed Gets Fatter On Purpose


k-fed-kevin-federline-weight1Kevin Federline is pigging out before he signs in for his stint on “Celebrity Fit Club.”  Oh that’s so funny.  I can just imagine him ordering extra food to be delivered to his suite or driving through the local McDonalds ordering 3 or 4 #2 Value Meals.

Why is he doing this? Why does he want to pork up before going on the show?

He figures that if he gains a few more pounds he will have a bigger weight drop and he’ll get more attention and have a more lucrative set up after he’s done with the show.  Disgusting!

He wants the $100,000 payday and then the deals he’ll be able to get after because of the weightless.

Remember earlier this year when he was supposed to be putting out a fitness DVD. How did that work out for him?

I will probably never watch, buy or listen to anything that he ever does, he disgusts me that much. He’s really set a bad example for the kids with this whole lack of fitness thing.

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