K-Fed Gets Straight A's At Celebrity Fat Camp


k-fed-and-familyAfter all the trash talking about what a lazy, douchey, bad role model Kevin is, the latest reports from VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club have K-Fed pegged as his team’s humble and hardworking mascot. Wha? K-Fed? Oh yeah, and someone from the show actually said that K-Fed was “witty.” No kidding.

In an interview with E!, High School Musical’s KayCee Stroh (who just so happens to be K-Fed’s team leader) had this to say:

“Kevin’s as cool as a cucumber. He keeps it all together. All the rest of us are sobbing like babies, but Kevin is pretty calm and collected…

He’s actually quite shy and quiet and soft-spoken. But when he pipes in, he’s very funny and really witty…

He’ll take constructive criticism very well.”

Really? That pretty much goes completely against my stereotype of K-Fed. It almost reads like a pre-schooler’s progress report.

He may not be the best role model or anything, but he did step up and take care of the boys when Britney went cukoo. Maybe he’s not such a bad father after all…