K-Fed: Nanny On Tour



K-Fed and his girlfriend Victoria Prince are packing things up and heading across the pond to London so Kevin can serve as Britney’s official nanny on tour (for his own sons) for the rest of the month.

Earlier this year, Britney demanded that he sons Jayden and Sean must be able to come along on the tour or she’d cancel the whole thing. Because, obviously, mothering comes first in Britney’s life…

Giving credit where credit’s due, it was allegedly Madonna herself who came up with the idea to hire K-Fed — who has custody — to be the nanny on tour.

According to TMZ, K-Fed currently gets a measly $20k in spousal support from Britney each month. In June, Brit-brit’s accountants will reportedly be transferring about $50,000 into K-Fed’s account. It’s a pretty good gig, with great pay, travel, and lots of family time.

Along with the $30,000 K-Fed will get paid for babysitting in the month of June, I really hope he gets a sweet concert t-shirt that says something embarrassing like “Official Nanny: Britney Spears Circus Tour 2009 .” Or maybe just “Deadweight Tour 2009.”

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