K-Fed Offered $2.5M To Endorse Weight Loss Supplement


57997384As we saw earlier this week, K-Fed has been ordered by producers to drop 45lbs so he can look… well, less ridiculous on his upcoming reality show. The plan was to adopt a disciplined weight-loss plan prescribed by a Hollywood trainer, but then EP-2 offered K-Fed $2.5M to endorse their speed secret formula.

In order to support his ridiculously unsustainable lifestyle, Kevin can either: a.) work hard and eat right, or b.) take some miracle potion and collect $2.5 million. Being one of the laziest dads on the celebrity circuit, which do you think he’ll do?

Now that Britney’s tour is over and his nanny job is over, the new super-sized K-Fed seems to be weighing his options. We don’t know how much he’s supposed to make with his new reality show, but it sure would be nice to make a cool $2.5M while you shed pounds the easy way.

EP-2 (Extreme Physical Performance) is a supplement available at GNC, and obviously one who needs the endorsement of a miraculous case to differentiate themselves from all of the other thousands of supplements.

Hey, if K-Fed was to get on these pills, then actually looked decent in 3 months, it’d be a miracle. Heck, even I’d give the a try — I don’t care what’s in it.

Don’t you find it kinda annoying that K-Fed gets offered $2.5M to do anything? How irritating. He should be sentenced to minimum wage for life.