K-Fed Has Started Dancing Again (Video)


k-fed-in-no-shape-for-dancingFor those of you out there who actually want to watch the trainwreck that is a 240lb K-Fed trying to dance for the first time in five years… too bad, he’s lost a decent chunk of his “daddy weight.”

However, K-Fed is trying to dance again after years of sitting on the couch sidelines and the video of his first dance class with Justin Timberlake’s choreographer Marty Kudelka is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

Honestly, I was expecting a lot worse from the ex-backup dancer (more sweat, trouble breathing, maybe a clumsy face-plant or two), but there was really none of that. Or, as I like to think, they edited all of K-Fed’s screw-ups out. Apparently, this video is a pilot for a K-Fed comeback reality show, or something like that.

Still, I feel a little cheated because he didn’t make a total ass out of himself. What’s the world coming to?


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