K-Fed Won't Lose Weight Until Someone Pays Him To


k-fed-fatK-Fed has been getting fatter at an alarming rate over the past year or so. So fat, in fact, that the people around him have begun to fear for his health and safety. According to the latest reports, the situation has come to a head — K-Fed is in an obesity standoff, refusing to get in shape until someone pays him.

Apparently, the situation is more dire than previously reported. At 5′ 10,” K-Fed is at a whopping 260 pounds and, unsurprisingly, has high blood pressure. Oh yeah, and it’s reported that he has trouble walking while carrying his sons.

But, he won’t get in shape for any of the following reasons: a.) obesity is unhealthy, b.) it sets a good example for his sons, or c.) he might have a heart attack and die. K-Fed is allegedly angling to get a weight loss reality show and is keeping his gut until he lands a deal.

From PopCrunch:

“Kevin decided to not take the blood pressure medication or take time from his ‘busy schedule’ to take tests,” says a source. “He’s convinced that he can work a deal to get paid to lose weight….He says he won’t ‘lose weight for free,’ and he refuses to change his behavior until someone shows him the money.’

His latest scheme is to get a reality series with Britney as his personal trainer who whips him back into shape.”

How much more ridiculous can you get? I don’t know why exactly K-Fed feels so incredibly entitled to get a Biggest Loser-esque (biggest loser is an understatement in K-Fed’s case) TV show. I guess that’s just the residual damage from being married to Britney.