Kanye Wants His Mom To Be Proud

kanye west
Kanye West the day after his VMA performance

Well even though they both took to the stage at the MTV VMA’s last night to perform songs about their legendary incident at last year’s show, both Kanye West and Taylor Swift met before the show.

A source tells that “Kanye got word she was going to do the song about him and wanted to talk it out,” The source went on to say that “Taylor felt bad. They talked and everything is good between them now. But they promised to keep what they spoke about between them.”

Before his performance of his song “Runaway” at the VMA’s, Kanye took to his twitter account and tweeted;

‘It’s funny. I Can’t believe it’s been a whole year but can’t believe all that’s happened within this year at the same time.’

He went on to say;

‘I wish my Mom was here but I know she’s looking down. I want to make her so happy today.’

After Kanye’s ego induced performance (is there anything Kanye does that isn’t ego induced?) I would have to think that his mother would be proud of him. After all, Kanye did what Kanye does best, and that’s talk about himself! I for one think his performance was genius, because after all, he turned a performance that many thought was supposed to be about Taylor Swift into a performance completely about him!

What do you think do you think Kanye’s Mom would have been proud?

Photos by PCN