Kardashian Christmas Card 2010: Other Photos From the Shoot, Including Kim Kardashian!

kardashian christmas card 2010 kardashian christmas card
Kardashian Christmas card 2010: The photos you DIDN'T see!

With the entire family together for the Kardashian Christmas card 2010 photo shoot, there had to be some other glamour shots to come out of it, right? Yep! There are more than half a dozen other pictures from the Kardashian Christmas card shoot posted on Khloe’s blog, including one of Kim Kardashian that, quite honestly, should be illegal because it will give your husband a heart attack. Click on for the Kardashian Christmas card 2010 photos you DIDN’T see till now!

Here’s Kim Kardashian as a mega-hot vixen in white. And Scott Disick playing a dad the rest of the family doesn’t hate. And Mason just cute as a button wondering why in the world someone dressed him in these totally itchy clothes.

Which extra picture do you like best?


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