Kardashian Christmas Card 2010: Who Will Be On Kardashian Christmas Card Next Year?

kardashian christmas card 2010 kim kardashian family photo
Kardashian Christmas Card 2010: Who Will Be on 2011 card?

The Kardashian Christmas card 2010 shows all of the Kardashians pictured on the card like one big, happy family. Even Scott Disick made the Kardashian Christmas card this year! With all of the drama surrounding the Kardashian family, we can’t help but wonder who will be on the Kardashian Christmas card next year!

Scott Disick is on the Kardashian family Christmas card this year with Kourtney Kardashian and their son, Mason. Given the fact that he isn’t exactly a role model man and father, will he still be around to grace the Kardashain Christmas card photo next year?

And what about Kim Kardashian? She has vowed to remain single for the year 2011, but by this time next year, will she have her own man and baby pictured on the card with her? Kim Kardashian’s blog states that she loves the Kardashian Christmas card tradition…but does she like being featured alone?

I have to say…I’ve never seen this much buzz around a Christmas card.