Kardashian Christmas Card: Kardashian Family Christmas Cards Through The Years

Kardashian Christmas card
Kardashian Christmas Card: A Kardashian Family Tradition!

The Kardashian Christmas card 2010 has everyone buzzing today and wondering if it is just a bit too over the top! The Kardashian family almost looks fake on the card, don’t you think?

The Kardashian Christmas card being a bit extravagant, to say the least, seems to be a tradition that they’ve enjoyed over the years. You can check out the Kardashian Christmas cards through the years here…there are some real doozies!

Of their big Christmas card family tradition, “Kim Kardashian said on her blog, We have a lot of traditions in our family, but I think our family Christmas card tradition is one of my favorites. We create a new family snapshot every year that we can look back on.”

Check out the Kardashian Christmas cards over the years and tell us which one you think is the best!